Appointments & Screening



To help ensure my safety, as well as our compatibility, I require the screening of all new clients.


Having worked in the corporate world for over a decade, I completely understand and appreciate the art of discretion.  I am a highly-professional, educated woman, and you may rest assured any information provided or discussed, at any time, will never be shared with anyone.


I hold my appointments with the utmost of integrity, and take your time, and our time together, very seriously. Please take me seriously, too. I love a wide variety of men and women, so age (either older or younger) is not an issue as long as your mentality is that of a mature, discreet, responsible, and kind individual. I will treat you with complete respect, and enjoy the company of those of a similar nature. As I am often asked, I do find women to be intriguing, stunning creatures, and rarely shy from the opportunity to indulge (couples included).


**I am very open-minded…so if you have something you’ve been wanting to try, and have yet to find the right fit – the chance for us is great… (Though rare, some requests may require an additional fee.)**


Methods of Screening – When contacting me, please provide one of the following:

*Preferred 411: I am P411 verified (P163783); please send me a message from your P411 account.

*ECCIE: I am ECCIE verified; User ID: 252126; please send me a PM from your ECCIE account – including a brief description of yourself, two recent references (within 6 months), and their contact information.

*Alternative Screening (always discreet) – please inquire by email for additional information:  The inclusion of a brief description about yourself is always appreciated.

**If you prefer a 5 minute public meeting where I verify information in person at a location of my choosing – versus electronic means – a $100 meeting fee is required. Please keep in mind, our time will be limited to a 5 minute professional interaction.


Returning Clients:

* The best way to reach me is by text (if you have my number) or email:

*Please remind me that we’ve had the pleasure of previously meeting.

**If you have my number, you are more than welcome to text me.**


Though I can at times, accommodate same day requests, the absolute BEST WAY to see me is to book your appointment at least a day in advance.


Cancellation Policy:  I understand that situations arise that will, at times, create the need to cancel an appointment.  I have no problem with this.  However, if there is no communication with me regarding this – at least two hours before our scheduled appointment – in order to reschedule, you will need to pay for the time you had previously scheduled and missed, in addition to our rescheduled appointment fee.




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