Thanks so much for your interest…

My private office is located in a very comfortable, upscale community in the heart of Alamo Heights/Midtown San Antonio, with easy access to I-35, 281, 410, downtown, the Pearl, the Quarry – and lots and lots of fun! There is one set of stairs, convenient parking, a beautifully green balcony, and a truly inviting ambiance.  My schedule, though relatively flexible, pairs best with those who appreciate planning in advance. I can often accommodate morning, evening, and weekend meetings – if planned properly.

Private Location Visits requested to upscale hotels and residences in San Antonio are available in the evenings, as well as during daytime hours, for an additional $100. Advanced planning is always advised, and appreciated.

Day of Appointment:

Office: After entering and walking upstairs, please leave the applicable fee in a visible spot when we FIRST enter the room.  I will ask if you need to use the restroom; anything you might need will be available for you there; to include a shower, and clean, fresh towels and toiletries.

**I ask everyone to please wash their hands and utilize the provided mouthwash before the start of our time together.**

Private Location Visits: Please leave my fee visible in the bathroom BEFORE I arrive. I will ask to use the restroom once I get there. Our appointment will begin after the fee has been verified. This is very important. If this step is not followed, I will politely terminate our appointment.


Current Fees For San Antonio/Austin/Houston/Dallas:

  • Hr Office Visit: $400
  • 90 Minute Office Visit: $600
  • 2 Hr Office Visit: 800
  • 3 Hr Office Visit: $1200
  • 4 Hr Office Visit: $1600
  • 5 Hr Office Visit: $2000
  • 6 Hr Office Visit: $2400
  • 8 Hr Office Visit: $3200
  • 10 Hr Office Visit: $4000
  • 12 Hour Office Visit: $4600

** ALL Private Location Visits in San Antonio: + $100 **

Longer engagements – to include weekend/weekday getaways – are available at a discounted rate. Please inquire for additional details.

Additional Options:

  • Fetish Requests: + $50 – $500, depending on request (please inquire for details)
  • Role-Play Requests: + $50 per hour
  • Couples: + $150 for the first hour; + $100 for each additional hour
  • Duo Experience With A Female Professional Recommended By Me: $700 per hour ($400, my rate + duo partner’s hourly rate, typically $300)
  •  Duo Experience With Another Trusted, Safe, Open-Minded Male: + $100 per hour
  •  Shared Shower: + $60

Voyeur Experiences: Watch Me With A Man Who Knows Just How To Handle Me…

  • View Only: $400/Hr
  • View, Touch, & Finish: $450/Hr
  • View, Touch, & Jump Right In: $500/Hr; $250 each additional half hour

** For the sake of discretion – all phones, electronics, recording devices, & any other questionable items will be placed in a basket, visible in the room, out of reach.**

Late Morning/Early Afternoon Brunch Dates: 

Let’s smile and share ourselves over a few drinks, as we dine comfortably in each other’s company…fully engaged…playful, relaxed, and intrigued. Learning about one another…connecting, and creating a genuine fondness and care for the other, before retiring to our private haven.

  • Simply a Brunch – (Dining, Conversation & Smiles Only) – Between the hours of 10am – 2pm: 2Hrs/$400; 3Hr/$600

  • 2 Hr Brunch + 1 Hr Retreat: $900
  • 3 Hr Brunch + 1 Hr Retreat: $1000
  • 3 Hr Brunch + 2 Hr Retreat: $1400

**Follow me on Twitter (@TheMerryMinx) for occasional Brunch Date Specials! Sometimes a lady’s just in the mood for a grapefruit mimosa…

** All dining, and/or activity expenses, as well as appropriate gratuities, are to please be graciously covered. My sincerest thank you, in advance.

Late Afternoon/Evening Dinner Dates:

If the thought of a charming evening spent hand in hand, amongst growing heat, seamless conversation, playful banter, and endless fascination entices you…know how much it excites me, too. As low-key, or upscale as the mood strikes…I have the wardrobe, the taste, the appreciation, and – the enthusiasm for it. And for you.

  • Simply a Dinner (Dining, Conversation, & Smiles Only): 2Hr/$600; 3Hr/$900

  • 2 Hr – 2.5 Hr Dinner Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1000
  • 3 Hr – 3.5 Hr Dinner Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1300
  • 3 Hr – 4 Hr Dinner Date + 2 Hr Retreat: $1700
  • 3 Hr – 4 Hr Dinner Date + 8 Hr Overnight Retreat: $4000

** All dining, and/or activity expenses, as well as appropriate gratuities, are to please be graciously covered. My sincerest thank you, in advance.

Travel On Demand Information

Outside San Antonio City Limits:

  • Please inquire for private location travel fees
  • Some distances may require a multiple-hour visit
  • Some locations/requests may require a pre-paid deposit

AUSTIN On Demand: 3 HR Minimum Appointment + Travel Fee of $250

HOUSTON On Demand: 4 HR Minimum Appointment + Travel Fee of $400 & an evening’s stay at an upscale hotel.

DALLAS On Demand: 4 HR Minimum Appointment + Travel Fee of $500 & an evening’s stay at an upscale hotel.

** Pre-paid deposits may be requested and/or required.

Leisurely Days…Lingering Evenings:  

A true aficionado of new experiences, and all the best life has to offer – I treasure adventure, passion, and indulgences of mystique, intrigue, and connection. A child of the wind – I am taken by everything artistic. Thought-provoking. Emotion inducing. From all genres and vibrancies of music; still, moving, and theatrical arts; to as conventional or unconventional an opportunity – I fully embrace experience.

Perhaps we’ll embrace together…

Day Or Evening Dates & Hangouts: 

  • Simply A Hangout (Adventure, Conversation, & Smiles Only): 3Hr/$700; 4Hr/$900; 5Hr/$1000; 6Hr/1200; 8Hr/$1600

  • 3 Hr Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1200
  • 4 Hr Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1400
  • 5 Hr Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1600
  • 6 Hr Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $1800
  • 8 Hr Date + 1 Hr Retreat: $2000
  • 8 Hr Date + 2 Hr Retreat: $2400
  • 8 Hr Date + Dinner & 8 Hr Overnight (16/Hrs Total): $4800

If thoughts take you there…and desire lingers…let’s make it happen.  Please, do not hesitate to share your ideas.

** All dining, and/or activity expenses, as well as appropriate gratuities, are to please be graciously covered. My sincerest thank you, in advance.

Fly Me To You! Package:

Traveling, and experiencing new cultures and geographies, is one of my greatest passions, and most thorough joys. There is little that excites my mind and thrills my heart more than exploring, and experiencing, and learning together – in an environment that screams of adventure, and romance, and memories – of shared energy, and togetherness.

I am available for travel within the United States, as well as out of the country, and am a current U.S. Passport holder.

If you’ve been longing for adventure…and are ready to enjoy, and indulge, and experience life in ways your heart, and mind, and soul have only dreamed of…

Let’s Make It Happen:

  • Coordinated date
  • Round trip fare cost
  • One night’s stay (or applicable) at an upscale hotel
  • Minimum of a 12 Hr appointment
  • A discreet 50% deposit to confirm all travel arrangements
  • Discounted rates available for extended weekend trips or multiple-day/week getaways

Please inquire for additional information.

How To Join The Honor Roll:

There are some of you I just can’t get enough of…and perhaps…you can’t get enough of me.

If this speaks to you – consider a request for The Honor Roll.

Colleagues looking for a weekly visit – this exceptional value is for you.

  • Four, ‘1 Hr office visits,’ in 4 consecutive weeks
  • $1400 – paid in full during the first of our four visits
  • $1400 covers: the hour we meet that day, as well as three more, hour-long appointments that month (or 4 week time period)
  • Honor Roll visits are available Monday through Friday, 10am – 2pm
  • All 4 appointments must be completed that month (or 4 week period).
  • There is no ‘carry over’ – but with notice, I will do my best to work with schedules if a particular week poses an issue.
  •  Any visits not shared by the end of the month (or four week period) are considered forfeited, unless previously discussed

This offer is only available to current colleagues with whom I share fantastic rapport, and is not guaranteed.

My intent, is to establish an even greater connection of heart and mind with a few select individuals…one that may be indulged on, and acted upon frequently…in a way that is more thoughtful of the pocketbook.

As a way to establish meaningful, chemistry-laden experiences with those I choose to spend time with, my intent through The Honor Roll is to entice a strong, repetitive clientele base – one in which every encounter only increases with intensity.  I typically limit my interactions to 1-2 visits per day (on days I don’t keep for myself), so encounters spent with those I know I share an insatiable connection, always takes precedence of my time...

Will we create that precedence?

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