About Me


The Business:

I was formerly known as Milkmaid. Though very proud of this name and all of the enjoyment and experiences established around it – as to not be misleading – I changed my name to Merry Minx in January of 2016.  A name that will likely make grin-worthy sense, should the stars of meeting align.

I have two original email addresses associated with Milkmaid and Merry Minx.  The old addresses are: milkmaid210@gmail.com, and merryminx210@gmail.com.

Though I still receive mail from both of these addresses – my current, preferred, and most secure email address is: MerryMinx@SafeOffice.com.  

For optimal safety and security, I typically prefer to only respond to emails sent in a similarly safe, encrypted format. SafeOffice and Protonmail are both great options.  However – as long as a message is professional, and maintains awareness and attention to discretion…correspondence through other sources will be no issue.  As this should always be proper etiquette.

Any questions that do not seem to be answered on this site, should please be emailed and asked in a professional, appropriate manner.  Depending on the details of a question, or the answer…my verification process may need to be completed first.  Emails that simply ask if I am available, or that do not properly contain the information requested – will not receive a response.  Requested details, and examples of what should be included, are located in the Contact Me section of this site.

My areas of personal interest and expertise are vast, varied, constantly flourishing, and evolving.  Uniquely skilled, open-minded, and an adventurer at heart…my repertoire of knowledge and strength in abilities dances seamlessly between dominance, submission, fantasy, kink, provocateur…and most things in between.

The Woman:

The fall of 2014, I left a very successful corporate career – after just shy of 12 years – in pursuit of, and craving, a life enhanced with incredible sensations, adventures, and genuine, honest fulfillment.

I have never felt as alive…as aware…or as truly-in sync…mindbody, and soul…as I have since choosing to live a life adorned with magical interludes.

In all senses…I have never been happier, or a better version of myself.  I have grown into a deeper understanding of myself, and of the world; of shared energies, and of the powers of a positive mind.  I strive to relate to the world, the adaptations of our time, and to those around me, like a breath of fresh air…invigorating and refreshing…exuding gusto for life, and love, and experience.  Embracing all that the world has to offer, with a unique mindset on living, societal standards, and being un-afraid to question the majority.  I have never been more desirous of knowledge, or of personal awareness, and the ability to challenge even my own thought-processes.  And from this intense outlook of cultural, global, and emotional intrigue – I have never felt more deeply connected to the earth, and its energy. Or with those I choose to bring into mine.

Sharing that joy, and zest for life, and passion, shines naturally from within me…and captivates those around me.

Personally, I have played the piano since I was 4 years old, and still play today.  My childhood piano has traveled across the country multiple times since my family acquired it in the early 1940’s…and ever since the very first few strokes of my fingers upon its keys…I have always considered her mine.  My vessel of true emotional self-expression, and exploration; especially before I found writing. My first baby.  And truly…my very first love.

Another of my greatest hobbies, and a sincere passion of mine – is writing.  One day, I hope to publish at least one novel, and am currently almost done with my very first erotic short-story.  I find myself intrigued by word choice…and the ways people think…and the intoxication that can be felt lingering within, by the placement, and usage of language…as an art…and an expression of the discoveries found through the passing of time.  Of love, and hurt, and any – and every – emotion.

Since leaving the corporate world in pursuit of that which makes me happiest – I awake each morning, excited for what the day has in store for me – and for the life I have the incredible opportunity to live.  Each day brings the potential for a brand new outlook, with the chance to embrace, enhance, and improve…any aspect of your personal world.

Live a life that equally excites – and fulfills you.

I’m here to guide the way.

Aquaint yourself with Merry.

The sensually naughty…delightfully adventurous – Merry Minx.


Located In: Visiting/Local:
San Antonio/Alamo Heights, TX, USA Local
Service Type: Office Location Available:
Modeling/Professional Artistic Muse Yes; Alamo Heights, TX; very near Midtown/Downtown San Antonio
Mobile Services Available: Available For Travel:
Yes Yes
Passport Ready:  
Physical Attributes
Body Type: Age:
Curvy; I Typically Wear A Size 8 In Dresses/Pants, A Medium In Blouses, And A Medium In Lingerie And Panties; Ring Size: 5.5; Heels: 9.5US Sizing 38 – Born In January; Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Ethnicity: Features:
Caucasian/White/European Ancestry All Natural Body
Gender: Height:
Female 5 ft. 7 1/2 in. (3 – 6 Inches Taller In Heels)
Weight: Hair Color & Style:
150 lbs All Natural Brunette, Cut Short Above Neck; My Hair Has Never Been Dyed, Highlighted, Or Chemically Treated
Measurements: Body Art:
34C – 28 – 40 None
Eyes: Piercings:
Hazel Green Ears – One Hole In Each Bottom Lobe
Fingers & Toes: Additional Traits:
Always Smooth, Painted, And Perfectly Manicured A Sea Of Delightful Freckles; Incredibly Soft Hair, Skin And Lips; I Do Not Wear Perfume, And Am Almost Always Found Adorned With Deep Red Lips, And In Thigh Highs or Stockings
Catering To: Languages:
Professional Men, Women & Couples English; Very Limited Spanish


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