Musings of a Merry Minx




I’m the kind of woman you open the door to, and feel comfortable with after the flash of a smile.

The type of woman you’d want to take home to meet your parents…and after helping your mom bake cookies for the movie later…I’d be whisking you off to take a private tour of their bedroom.

I’m the woman you share your deepest fantasies with; the one that helps you live and breathe those fantasies – unjudged…and with erotic intrigue. There isn’t much that denies my skin from tingling, and my mind from racing…

My silky smooth, lightly-scented porcelain skin, coupled with my delicious curves and long, warm, inviting body – will excite and entice you.

My hair, so soft to the touch…you’ll find your fingers linger as you gently explore the contours of my beautifully freckled face. My lips…my smile…a passionate, mischievous treat…and often one of my greatest compliments. But my eyes… My expressive, gorgeous, hazel green eyes will mesmerize you…drawing you into me…drawing us into each other.

I long to feel my pulse quicken, breath stagger…awakened by the gentle touch of your fingertips, and the caress of your hungry mouth upon my alabaster skin. An absolute lover of the oral arts, my greatest pleasures often come from indulgences of the mouth…

…In every sense.

I am Merry Minx. Your feel-good, genuinely adventurous, intelligent, sophisticated inamorata…with a naughtiness you have to experience to believe. My passion for exploration and sensuality stems from an intense love of eroticism, and an eagerness and absolute desire to please…and to be pleased.  I am playful, personable, and while highly skilled…I pride myself in being an excellent pupil.  The natural ability I have to personally connect on an intellectual level, allows for a heightened degree of engagement, creating an all-encompassing, enriched experience – for both of us.

If you desire the companionship of a woman who understands what your body needs…what it wants…without having to be told; a woman who can create as big of a smile on your face, as she can create a bulge within your pants; a woman who wants to enjoy you, just as much as she wants you to enjoy her – then I am the woman for you.

Thank you for your interest in the sensual art and intrigue of Merrymaking. I am witty, charming, and possess a true zest for life, and all of the amazing experiences that come our way.

And sometimes – the experiences that we reach out and take for ourselves.

Let’s embrace our uniqueness together, and create something with never-ending, constantly flourishing value…

…Our memories.

Affectionately Yours,
Merry Minx


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